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Prince Baby Shower Theme

Welcome the little one with style. Throw a Sweet Prince baby shower. All the ideas and supplies you'll need to host a fabulous shower, you'll find here.

You do not have to search around to do this theme. All the decorations, invitations, favor bags, thank you cards, banners, garlands, confetti, plates, cups, and napkins are available here in one easy stop.

You can also do the Prince theme with crowns, thrones and the such. I'll certainly give you all the ideas for that below.

Prince Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Order the Sweet Prince invitations or make your own Little Prince invitations. I've got full instructions for an adorable prince invite, here.

Just change the colors to match your prince theme.

Prince Baby Shower Decoration Ideas

For the Sweet Prince theme, you are all set. The colors are blue and brown and all the decorations can be found together.

Below are some ideas for the more traditional Prince shower theme.

You can do several different color schemes for this party. You just might have to search to find all of the stuff.

Some great color combos are...

  • Light blue, yellow, and white
  • Blue and brown
  • Gold, royal blue, and red
  • Silver, light blue, and white

Don't be afraid to be girly for this theme. The shower is more for the Mom. So flowers and the such are perfectly acceptable.

An arrangement of fresh roses would be stunning as the centerpiece. Add some silver or gold sparkle greenery.

A balloon bouquet would be great as well. Tie the balloons onto a crown or a carriage. Or a Teddy bear that has a little prince bib on it.

Diaper cakes are really popular and a fabulous centerpiece. This Blue Hydrangeas - Classic Baby Diaper Cake would match this theme perfectly.

You'll want to create a royal atmosphere pillars, tulle, twinkle lights, flower garlands, and crystals. Tiaras are great to decorate with. Place them on the tables or at each place setting. Drape tulle that matches you color scheme, from the middle of the room to the corners. Candles area an easy way to add elegance.

A Dream Horse And Carriage Standee Set is a great way to bring in your theme and create a fabulous photo op as well.

You can make Mom a throne. She will feel like royalty. The wicker chairs with large rounded backs work really well. Decorate the chair with tulle, flower garlands, and pearls. Make a flowered seat cushion as well. Purchase a thin cheap seat cushion. Hot glue silk rose petals all over it. Don't do any sort of pattern. You want it to look like you just threw some flowers on the chair.

Wrap tulle around the other chairs and tie a big bow in the back. Hot glue a large rose in the middle of the bow. This is an inexpensive way to add elegance to your shower.

Use tablecloths that coordinate with your color scheme. You can do the tulle bows at the corners of the tables as well. So elegant.

For this theme use Solid Light Blue Partyware. Or any other color that matches your color scheme that you have chosen.

Prince Shower Supplies

Fairytale Carriage Entrance Each

Prince Baby Shower Games Ideas

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable games make the shower planning a breeze. You can get games like Baby Shower Bingo, Mad Libs, Word Scramble, Name That Baby, and many more. Makes life just a little bit easier! Print instantly.

Baby Bottle Crown Toss

Items you'll need are about 15 bottles, crowns big enough to go around the bottles, and something to put in the bottles to make them heavy. Candy would work.

Set up the bottles and make a line far enough away to make the game challenging. Have the players toss the crowns. The winner is the one who rings the most bottles with the crowns.

Prince Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Castle Cake

Make two 9 inch square cakes. Stack on top of each other and frost. Place sugar cones upside down on each corner and frost. Hot glue a flag onto a toothpick and insert into the top of the cones. Use graham crackers for the door of the castle. Decorate with candies.

Here's instructions for a fondant Princess cake that you can easily make blue.

Cupcakes are fun and easy. Here's some Little Prince Cupcakes that would be perfect for this shower theme.

These cake pans are great as well. Just change the colors to match your Little Prince theme.

Crown Cake Pan

From: Birthday in a Box

Enchanted Castle Cake Pan

Prince Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas

Serve everything on fancy cake plates and serving dishes. Don't forget to decorate the cake table. Start with your cake as the centerpiece and work around that. Confetti, flower petals, or jewels would work for this theme. Finger food are so much easier at a party.

Some ideas for food and drinks include...

  • Sandwiches cut into crown shapes
  • Strawberries dipped in chocolate
  • Fruit kabobs (fruit on a kabob stick)
  • Crown shaped cookies
  • Punch with edible flowers frozen in an ice ring
  • Royal champagne (fruit juice and sparkling water)
  • Fresh lemonade (with a strawberry on the rim of the glass)
  • White iced tea

Prince Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Place a crown around a six inch candle that is color coordinated with your theme. Set it on a pretty matching plate.

Wrap tulle up and around the whole thing and tie with a wide ribbon. It ties in with your theme and it is a useful gift for your guests.

Or here's a few other choices for favors.

  • Crown soap
  • Carriage favor containers
  • Crown candles

Chic Gifts Fit For A Baby Prince

Chocolate/Blueberry - 5 Piece Baby Diaper Tote Set by Kalencom

Medium Blue Bucket Bunch

My First Year Keepsake Gift Set - Boy

Prince Name Plaque - 16 Square

Vintage Crown - Chocolate Stretched Canvas Wall Art

Royal Prince Rocking Chair

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