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Monkey Baby Shower Theme

The monkey baby shower theme is a great theme to do for a baby boy or a baby girl. The jungle baby shower theme is very popular and fun theme to do, but this narrows it down to just the monkey.

There's plenty of ways you can take this monkey shower theme. You can go with a more circus atmosphere and introduce Curious George .

Or you can go with a more playful monkey theme. There is also the sock monkey. Or another idea is to make it more real with actual monkey pictures and a real jungle feel.

Whatever way you decide to take this monkey shower, it is sure to be super adorable. I've got some great ideas to get you going on this fabulous vine swinging baby shower theme.

Monkey Baby Shower Invitations

monkey birthday invitation

You can order your monkey invitations or try your hand at making your own.

I've made one to give you an idea of what you can do using scrapbook paper and supplies. Use your imagination to come up with a monkey invite that fits your party color scheme.

Cut out light olive green paper what ever size you want your invitation to be. Cut a darker olive green with decorative scissors a little smaller and glue onto the first piece.

Cut out your tree and the base of your monkey face from brown paper. The leaves are a kelly green. I just cut them free hand and cut slits in them. Place stickers along the side and glue your tree in place.

Place the base of your monkey face a little behind one of the trees. Cut an oval out of tan paper for the snout of the monkey. With black marker put two tiny slits for the nose holes and use a red marker for the smile. Glue on eyes. Cut out the monkey ears from brown paper and add a little piece of tan paper in the middle. Add you info on the front or the back. You can also make this a fold invitation and write all of your party info inside.

For the baby shower wording, you can say...

Join us for some Monkey fun,
Celebrating babe and Mom,
We've gone bananas it would seem,
Because the shower's a Monkey theme.

Be sure and add who the shower is for, the hostess, the location of the baby shower, the time, the date, R.S.V.P info, and where Mom is registered.

Monkey Baby Shower Decorations And Centerpiece

Deciding on your shower supplies first helps you to come up with a color scheme. Look at the plates and napkins to get a great color combo. If you are going more for the modern monkey feel, a great color choice would be turquoise, yellow, white, and brown for the monkey. Curious George is more a circus atmosphere. The colors for that are going to be more vibrant. Or since this is a shower, you can do blue and brown for a boy and pink and brown for a girl.

Now that you have your color scheme, it's time to start decorating the shower area. To start the jungle feeling off right away, put a large homemade banana tree (see below) and monkey at the entrance of the shower to greet your guest as they are arriving.

Play jungle music softly in the background. Use flowers, trees, and plants to create a jungle feel. Sit stuffed monkeys in the trees. Drape greenery from the ceiling to feel like the canopy in the jungle.

Twist green or brown streamers together tightly to resemble vines. Burlap is a great tablecloth idea. Make a sit of honor for the Mom. Cover a wicker chair with vines and flowers.

You can make your own banana trees. Use the cardboard roll that carpet comes on. Wrap and glue rope all the way up the "trunk". Purchase banana leaves and hot glue them coming out of the top. This is really effective.

There are several things you can do as your monkey baby shower centerpiece. Make balloons bouquets in your chosen colors and tie to a stuffed monkey. You can start with a Mod Monkey Mylar Balloon and then add latex balloons. Sit on the table.

Another great centerpiece idea is to make a Monkey diaper cake. For the instructions for a rolled diaper cake, click here. If you're not crafty, that's okay. Just purchase one of the beautiful diaper cakes on this page and doll it up yourself to be a monkey diaper cake. Or check out the jungle theme diaper cake that has an adorable monkey on it on that same page.

Plants and tropical flowers are a great idea for a centerpiece as well. Just sit in the middle of the table and sit a stuffed monkey beside the plant. You really can't get any easier than that.

A monkey planter is a fun idea for a centerpiece as well.

Monkey Baby Shower Games

Place the Pacifier in the Baby Monkey's Mouth

For this baby shower game you'll need a poster size baby monkey face, blind folds, and pacifier stickers.

Blind fold the player and twirl her around. Give her the pacifier sticker and see how close she can get to the baby monkey's mouth. The closest pacifier to the monkey's mouth wins the prize!

Name The Baby Animal

The players must write as many animals and their baby's names as they can think of. Some examples would include, dogs-puppies, cats-kittens, bear-cub, ect.

Baby Food Guessing Game

For this baby shower game, peel the labels off of baby food jars and label them with numbers. Have the guests taste each food and write down what they think each food is. The most correct answers is the winner. For this theme, you can do all food that you would find in the jungle. Or just use all brown or green foods.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable games make the shower planning a breeze. You can get games like Baby Shower Bingo, Mad Libs, Word Scramble, Name That Baby, and many more. Print the games instantly.

Monkey Baby Shower Cake Ideas

monkey birthday cupcakes

Monkey cupcakes are really easy to make and they are easy for all the guests to eat. These adorable cupcakes are made with yummy banana cake and buttercream frosting. You can see how to make them here.

Monkey Cake Pan

Monkey Baby Shower Food And Drinks

Serve your food in rattan baskets or lay banana leaves on cake plates and place the food on them. Place monkeys and greenery around the food and punch bowl.

  • Flower or leaf shaped sandwiches (use a cookie cutter)
  • Flower or leaf shaped cookies
  • Banana pop
  • Banana smoothie
  • Monkey chow
  • Monkey bread
  • Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey Ice Cream
  • Tropical fruit kabobs
  • Banana split
  • Jungle juice

Banana Pop

Peel the banana. Cut in half and slide a wooden stick in the flat end. Dip the banana in dipping chocolate and crushed nuts. Let sit in the fridge until set. These are so yummy and if you use organic chocolate, you've got a pretty healthy snack!

Banana Smoothie

You'll need yogurt, bananas, and honey. Or use ice cream for banana milk shakes. Yum. Just place in your blender and blend. So easy.

Monkey Chow

Mix nuts, shredded coconut, raisins, dried banana chips, and chocolate chips.

Monkey Bread

You'll need, 4 c. biscuits, 3/4 cup sugar, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1 cup chopped pecans. Mix sugar, cinnamon, and pecans together. Cut the biscuits in quarters and roll in sugar mixture. Place in greased bundt pan. GLAZE: 1 cup sugar, 3/4 cup butter, and 1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon. Bring ingredients to a boil. Pour over biscuits and bake about 20 minutes or until golden brown in a 350 degree oven. Remove from pan, invert onto plate and serve warm.

Jungle Juice

Scoop green lime sherbert into a punch bowl. Gently pour in ginger ale for an easy green punch.

Monkey Baby Shower Favors

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to monkey favors. One idea is to place the dry ingredients to banana bread in a jar or bag and place a personalized label on it. If you do the jar, then cut a round piece of material around the top and secure with a ribbon.

You can use small gift bags as well. Just place your ingredients in a plastic baggie and set down in the bag. Fold the top down twice and punch two holes. Run a ribbon through the holes and tie in a pretty bow. Or just fold over and secure with a Mod Monkey Sticker .

Here are some other ideas that would be fun for this monkey baby shower theme.

  • Monkey magnets
  • Monkey scrapbook stickers
  • Baby bananas
  • Monkey face cookies
  • Banana flavored candy
  • Banana muffins
  • 12 Frosted Monkey Face Lollipops
  • Banana flavored lip gloss
  • Monkey and banana charm bracelet

Fun Monkey Baby Shower Gifts

Mod Monkey Bib

Mod Monkey Blanket

Mod Monkey Pillow

"Jungle Baby" Three-Tier Diaper Cake

"Five Little Monkeys" Five-Piece Gift Set in Keepsake Basket

Beach Monkey Banana-Shaped Candy Fun Packs
- $ 7.25
Beach Monkey banana-shaped candy fun packs are tiny banana candy perfect for beach party goodie bags. Banana candy makes a great treat at a tropical bash or Hawaiian Luau. Banana-flavored candies are fat-free and come about 19 per individual package. 48 packages per set.

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