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John Deere Baby Shower Ideas

John Deere baby shower ideas galore for you to enjoy, and they are all free. Use any of the ideas listed below to create a fabulous John Deere shower theme.

This tractor theme is great for little boys, but it can also be done for a little girl. There are plenty of ways to feminize typical boy themes. I'll show you how.

John Deere Mylar Balloon

John Deere Baby Shower Invitations

You can make a John Deere baby shower invitation out of scrapbook paper and supplies. Use a John Deere coloring book for inspiration.

Or use John Deere Stickers to make it easy.

You can also use ready made John Deere invites to make your life easier. Or order printed invites online.

John Deere Baby Shower Decorations and Centerpieces

John Deere Stand-in
The John Deere Stand In is a great way to start your John Deere decor off.

Your colors for this shower theme are going to be green and yellow. If the baby is a girl, then add in hot pink. Don't be afraid to use flowers even if this shower is for a boy.

Yellow daisies for boys and hot pink daisies for girls. These John Deere Removable Wall Decorations are a fun way to add a John Deere theme to any room.

Green and yellow streamers over the party table. Green or yellow tablecloths would be fine. Make the shower area feel like a farm. Bring in hay bales and place them around the shower area. A free standing picket fence would be fun and add that farm feel. Or use wide paper and paint a fence with flowers and wrap the walls with it. You don't need a whole lot of fencing, just a few pieces here and there to create a mood. Wrap flower garlands in and around the fence.

You can use card board and construct a "barn door" on the wall. Use paints or markers. When doing a large project like this one, use a projector to project your image on the wall and draw it out. Then you can fill in with paint.

If you really want to go all out, you can have large pots of flowers and plants. Or plant a fake garden. Lay down plastic on the floor. Place fake garden plants in rows. Cover with brown dirt or brown shredded paper. Add a scarecrow and some crows on the fence.

Paint animals on cardboard and make them free standing with a wood stand. Set around the shower area. Just try to think about what would be on a farm and recreate that feeling. And don't forget to add a John Deere tractor to your farm. A John Deere riding toy would work great for this John Deere baby shower theme and be a fun gift for baby when he is a little older.

To create fabulous John Deere centerpieces, you can start with a John Deere Mylar Balloon . Add green and yellow latex balloons to create a balloon bouquet. Use some pink ones for a girl shower. Tie onto a toy tractor. Add a mason jar with daisies. Scatter yellow and green plastic binkies around the centerpiece.

That is one idea. Another great baby shower centerpiece idea is to purchase a stunning Yellow Gerbera Daisy Diaper Cake for a boy and a Pink Daisies with Paisley Diaper Cake for a girl. Add in some John Deere tractors, bibs, bottles, onesies, ect. to make it unique.

And one more centerpiece idea is to start with the traditional John Deere Centerpiece and add to it. Add flowers and balloons.

Add a clothesline to the shower area. Add some John Deere bibs, onesies, t-shirts, overalls, hats, ect. This can be used for a game later on in the shower and it is a really cute baby shower decorating idea.

John Deere Baby Shower Games

"John Deere Tractor 17"" Pinata"

Pinatas are normally more of a party game, but hey, why not have some fun. Mom will have fun seeing her girl friends and family blind folded, hitting a hanging object full of candy. There's nothing like a kid game to liven up any shower atmosphere. Mom does not need to be doing this game though. Unless she has already had the baby. Then she might like to take some frustration out on the pinata!

Mommy the Multi-Tasker Farm Girl

You'll need clothes line, laundry basket with baby clothes, phone, baby doll, and clothes pins.

Hang the clothes line up in the party area. You can hang baby clothes from it for your decorations and then it will be ready for the game. The player has 1 minute. She has to talk on the phone and hang up clothes while holding a baby on her hip. This is a great game. The single girls don't have a clue. See who can hang up the most clothes in the time limit.

Baby Powder Guessing Game

For this baby shower game you need to prepare a tray of white items in bowls. Flour, baking powder, baking soda, baby powder, sugar, pancake mix, powdered formula, detergent, ect. Place them in country galvanized buckets. Number each item. The players must guess what each item is and write it down. You can decide whether you want them to touch or smell the items. The player who guesses the most correct answers, wins.

Candy in a Mason Jar

You'll need a large glass mason jar and green or yellow candies for this baby shower game. Fill the jar with the candies. Let everyone guess how many candies are in the jar.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable games make the shower planning a breeze. You can get games like Baby Shower Bingo, Mad Libs, Word Scramble, Name That Baby, and many more. Print the games instantly.

Name The Baby Animal

The players must write as many animals and their baby's names as they can think of. Some examples would include, dogs-puppies, cats-kittens, bear-cub, ect.

John Deere Baby Shower Cake Ideas

John Deere Cake Toppers
This John Deere Cake Topper would be a perfect idea for your John Deere baby shower theme.

Or use any John Deere toy tractor that you have on a two layered frosted cake. Add white daisies for a boy and hot pink daisies for a girl. Add a wide green ribbon around the cake for color.

John Deere Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas

Baby shower food should be easy. Easy to make and easy to eat. This farm baby shower theme calls for down home cooking.

You can only serve appetizers or go all out and serve up a pot of chili or stew and cornbread.

Serve food in galvanized buckets and baskets. Serve drinks in mason jars or these cute John Deere Tire 16 oz. Cups. John Deere Dessert Plates tie in your theme and add to the decor.

  • Pot of chili
  • Pot of stew
  • Fried Chicken
  • Macaroni salad
  • Potato salad
  • Cornbread
  • Corn on the cob
  • Bakes beans
  • Apple pie
  • Sandwiches cut in tire shape
  • Tractor cookies
  • Fudge brownies
  • Fruit tray
  • Veggie tray with ranch dressing tinted green
  • Fresh lemonade
  • Sweet tea
  • John Deere green sherbert punch (recipe below)

Easy Green Sherbert Punch Recipe

When I say easy, I mean it. Scoop green lime sherbert into a galvanized wash tub. Pour cold ginger ale over the sherbert. Serve. I told you it was easy.

John Deere Baby Shower Favor Ideas

For this down on the farm baby shower theme, you can use about any container and fill with green or yellow candy. Add a pretty tag that has a John Deere sticker on it to tie it into this John Deere shower theme.

If it's for a baby girl, then add hot pink to your favors. Like you could do a green candle, wrap in yellow tulle. Tie with a big hot pink ribbon. Hot glue a hot pink daisy in the middle of the bow and add a cute little John Deere tag.

This ties in the John Deere theme, yet is girly enough for any little farm girl.

Here's some more ideas for John Deere shower favors.

Down On The Farm Baby Shower Gifts

"My Li'l Farmhouse Wagon" Plush Toy and Layette Gift Set in Wooden Wagon

"Pig in a Blanket" Two-Piece Gift Set in Adorable Vintage-Inspired Gift Box

Yellow Gerbera Daisy Diaper Cake

Pink Daisies with Paisley Diaper Cake

Front Loader Tractor Bank (Available monogrammed)

Barnyard Handcrafted Pewter Frame

Barnyard Handcrafted Pewter Gift Boxed Collection

Cashmere Soft Animal Booties

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