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Candyland Baby Shower Ideas

Here you will find plenty of fun Candyland baby shower ideas. The Candy Land shower theme is a great theme to do. Do you remember the fun you had with your Candy Land game.

The bright colors, the fun characters, and oh yes...THE CANDY! Yummy. Who can resist jars and jars of bright colored candy.

If you're not sure what baby shower theme to do, if you're not happy with all the boring baby shower themes out there, then read on for the best free Candy Land shower ideas on the web. Who wants a boring, done that, shower. Not me. I like to spice it up. Make it a one of a kind baby shower that the Mom will never forget.

The Candyland shower theme is perfect for a little boy or a little girl. Let's have some fun! You can use these awesome Candy Land Party Supplies for your shower supplies.

Candyland Baby Shower Invitations

Candy Land baby shower invitations are easy to make yourself. Make a homemade card and glue a flat blue or pink sucker on the front. Embellish it in any manner you wish. Tie a pretty ribbon around the sucker and tie into a bow.

Use stickers, handwrite, or print on the front of the invitation...SWEET BABY!

For your Candyland baby shower wording you can say...

"We're having a fun and unique kind of shower,
To welcome a darling, most precious little flower.
I hear the patter of little feet,
A Candy Land's going to be sweet!"

Candyland Baby Shower Decorations And Centerpiece Ideas

Candy Land Deluxe Party Pack

Candy Land Party Supplies In A Box Make Your Shopping Quick And Easy!

This kit comes with all kinds of goodies like a Candy Land centerpiece, plates, cups, balloon, napkins, cutlery, and more.

Your decorations are going to be all about candy. Use bright colors like red, green, yellow, orange, blue, and purple. Colorful tablecloths and loads of candy.

Purchase Styrofoam balls and wrap them in colorful cellophane. Tie the ends off with ribbon. Lay these "candies" on your tables for your Candy Land centerpieces.

Another idea is to fill jars or vases with colorful candy and stick large spiral lollipops in the jars or vases. Or make your own large lollipops. Staple two paper plates together face to face, staple onto a straw and wrap in cellophane. Tie a ribbon around the base of the plates.

You can also have gingerbread houses as your Candyland centerpiece idea. And make the table more festive with candy confetti scattered on them.

Hang Styrofoam "candy" from the ceiling at different lengths with fishing wire.

If you want to decorate the outside leading up to the shower, you can make large outdoor lollipops. Stick a dowel rod in a Styrofoam disc and cover with cellophane. Tie with ribbon. Place these along a sidewalk, in the front yard, on the porch in a large pot, or in the flower beds.

Candy Land Removable Wall Decorations
Decorating the walls for your shower is made easy with these cute Candyland Removable Wall Stickers.

Candyland Baby Shower Games

Cotton Candy (Pink Cotton Ball) Scoop

You'll need 2 large bowls, a large spoon, and pink cotton balls.

Fill one bowl with pink cotton balls. Place the empty bowl on the player's head. Blind fold her. Place the bowl filled with cotton balls in her lap. Give the player the large spoon and have her ladle the cotton balls from the bowl in her lap to the bowl on her head (you'll need to hold the bowl on her head). See how many she can get in a time limit. This is really hilarious, as the players usually don't pick anything up, yet they are so careful.

Baby Bottle Candy Necklace Toss

Items you'll need are about 15 bottles, candy necklaces big enough to go around the bottles, and candy to put in the bottles to make them heavy.

Set up the bottles and make a line far enough away to make the game challenging. Have the players toss the candy necklaces. The winner is the one who rings the most bottles.

Is That Poo?

I think this baby shower game stinks (sorry for the pun), but so many women love it, so here goes... Before the shower begins you'll need to prepare for this game. Take 5 diapers and place 5 different chocolate candy bars in them (Milky Way, Butterfinger, Snickers, Hershey, Babe Ruth, ect). Melt them slightly. Have the guests guess what candy each one is. It's quite funny to see everyone sniffing "dirty" diapers.

Candy in a Baby Bottle

You'll need a large plastic bottle and pink or blue candies for this baby shower game. Fill the bottle with the candies. Let everyone guess how many candies are in the bottle.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable shower games are great. You can get games like Baby Shower Bingo, Mad Libs, Word Scramble, Name That Baby, and many more. Print them instantly.

Candyland Baby Shower Cake Ideas

I decided to do a Candy Land cake that was different. I know that a lot of people do the Candy Land board game, but I didn't want to be like everyone else. I started brainstorming and I came up with this adorable cake.

It really wasn't all that hard to do. If I can do it, anyone can. I'm not a pro as you can tell, but I sure like to have fun. I purchased the candy and I went to town. I first get a rough idea of what I want to do, and then I just start in. It never turns out like I invision, but it's always close. The small ice cream cones were perfect for the top layer, but they were too small for the bottom layer.

Luckily I had some bigger ones on hand. That would be thanks to my son. I hate running to the store for one thing. It turned out perfect and everyone loved it, so I would say that it was a success.

You can try your hand at making this Candyland shower cake. I have the complete instructions for it on my party site, Just click on the picture. It will take you straight there.

candy land cake

Candyland Baby Shower Food And Drink Ideas

Of course there will be a lot of candy at this cool baby shower theme, but you will want some real food as well. Here are a few ideas for food and drinks.

  • Sandwiches cut with gingerbread men cookie cutters
  • Hot cocoa, tea, or coffee with peppermint sticks
  • Little Debbie "snowflakes"
  • Lifesaver bagels (place colored cream cheese on bagels to look like Lifesavers)
  • Cookies made to look like candy
  • Chocolate fountain
  • Rainbow Pringles
  • Rainbow Goldfish crackers
  • Rainbow Jello
  • Rainbow punch (recipe below)

Rainbow Punch Recipe

1 can Hawaiian Punch
2 qts. cran-raspberry juice
1/2 liter of 7-UP or Sprite

Stir first two ingredients together. Put in a punch bowl. Slowly pour in the 7-up or Sprite. Add balls of rainbow sherbert in the punch and serve.

Candyland Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Mini Candy Gumball Machine and Candy (1)

For your Candy Land baby shower favors, fill a baby jar with candy. Cut a round piece of material and place on the lid. Secure with a small rubber band and tie a ribbon over the rubber band.

Or any other favor that has candy in it will do for this fun baby shower theme.

Here are a few ideas to choose from for your Candyland baby shower theme.

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