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Butterfly Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Butterfly onesie size6/12 M

How to host the most fabulous Butterfly Baby Shower. Free ideas for butterfly baby shower invitations, cakes, favors, decor, centerpieces, and so much more. The Butterfly theme is such a stunning way to welcome the new baby. Butterflies are all about new beginnings, so it makes a wonderful theme for new baby.

Butterfly Plantable Seed Place Cards (Set Of 12)

Butterfly Place Card Holders (Set Of 6)

Butterfly Shower Invitations

Butterfly Kisses baby shower
Carter's Baby Girl Invitations (8 count)

Lovely Butterfly Party Invitation

Order your pretty butterfly invitations online or use store bought ones for your butterfly theme.

Or if you like to do things yourself, try your hand at these handmade cute baby shower invitations. Just click on the picture and it will take you to the instruction page.

butterfly baby shower invitation

Butterfly Baby Shower Decorations and Centerpieces

Butterfly Wings in Assorted Colors (5pc)

For this baby shower theme, you will want to create a garden feel. Decide on a color scheme and stay with it through out the shower. Pastels are a good choice for this butterfly themed shower. The Carter's Baby Girl Baby Shower Deluxe Party Kit is prefect for this butterfly baby theme. The colors that match it are purple, pink, and green. So very cute!

Start with pastel colored tablecloths. Hang a Carter's Baby Girl Letter Banner over the table. Add tulle bows to the chairs (just tie a long piece of white tulle around the back of the chair and tie in a bow). Add pretty flowers and butterflies to the bow with wire or hot glue.

Your butterfly shower centerpieces can be several different things. The first thing you can do is make a butterfly diaper cake. See the instructions on how to make a basic diaper cake here. Then just add in your favorite butterfly themed baby stuff.

Another great idea for a butterfly centerpiece is to purchase good sized flower pots. Paint them to match your color scheme. Add some florist foam in the pot. Find a print of a baby with butterfly wings and cut it out and glue to thick poster board. Glue onto a small dowel rod. Poke it into the florist foam. Next, fill in the pot with large silk flowers. Add a large butterfly or two. You can also add in garden elements. The ones that you stick in your yard. Then you want to hide the florist foam with tissue or gift basket shred. This makes a very large and whimsical baby shower centerpiece.

A really simple baby shower centerpiece idea is to fill a vase with branches that you have spray painted white. Hot glue pretty little colorful butterflies all on the branches.

And another option is to start with the Carter's Baby Girl Table Decorating Set and add to it.

Use Butterfly Wings in Assorted Colors all around the shower area. Hang them from the ceiling with fishing wire. Secure them to the walls. And place on tables.

Purchase Round Paper Lanterns and hot glue butterflies all around them. Hang at different lengths from the ceiling.

Use baby gifts as part of the baby shower decor. Place a cute Butterfly Bank in and amongst all the other decor and then Mom will have a gift to take home.

Place trees and plants all around the shower area to create the garden feel as well. Secure butterflies to the leaves. Twinkle lights are a great decorating tool. It gives a soft glow. Candles are a great way to bring in soft lighting as well.

Butterfly Baby Shower Game And Activity Ideas

Butterfly Pinata

Pinatas are fun at any party or shower. You can also just use it as decor.

Butterfly Release

Purchase real butterflies online. Give each guest a butterfly (they come in a package) and let everyone release them at once. This makes a beautiful display as the butterflies will linger around for awhile.

Baby Memory Tray

Before the shower, prepare a tray with baby items on it (try to find items with butterflies on them or just place butterflies on the tray as well). Items like...diaper, shoes, powder, clippers, bottle, rattle, pacifier, ect. At the start of the shower, show everyone the tray. Take the tray away and don't mention it for a while. Later on in the shower, give everyone a piece of paper and a pencil. The players must write down as many items as they can remember. The player with the most right answers, wins.

Who's That Cute Baby?

Get baby pictures of all the guests before the shower. Place them in pretty butterfly picture frames, number them, and place around the baby shower area. One of the games can be guessing who is who.

Printable Baby Shower Games

Printable games make the shower planning a breeze. You can get games like Baby Shower Bingo, Mad Libs, Word Scramble, Name That Baby, and many more. Makes life just a little bit easier! Print instantly.

Butterfly Baby Shower Cake Ideas

"Butterflies" Laser-Cut Cupcake Holders (Set of 50)

Cupcakes are fun for this garden baby shower theme. Bake your cupcakes and add pretty butterflies on the top. Or you can make these cute little butterfly cupcakes. Just click on the picture, it will take you to the instruction page.

butterfly cupcake

Specialty cake pans make the cake baking a breeze. You just mix any butterfly cake recipe you choose and ice. It's actually pretty easy.

Butterfly Cake Pan

Butterfly Baby Shower Food and Drink Ideas

Serve your food on this adorable Butterfly Tray . Dress up plain straws with butterflies. Purchase the butterflies with a wire attached to them and wind the wire around the straw. Place the straws in pretty colored soda bottles.

  • Butterfly shaped sandwiches
  • Butterfly shaped cookies
  • Flower shaped suckers
  • Bow tie pasta salad (the pasta looks like butterflies)
  • Butterfly crackers and cheese that is cut into butterfly shapes
  • Fruit kabobs (cut the fruit into flower shapes, add one large pineapple butterfly shape at the end)
  • Garden nectar punch (see recipe below)

Crunchy Garden Nectar Punch Recipe

3 pkgs. Jello
4 c. sugar
6 oz. lemon juice
4 bottles ginger ale
9 c. hot water
4 c. boiling water
2 (46 oz.) cans pineapple juice
Dissolve Jello in 9 cups of hot water. Dissolve 4 cups sugar in 4 cups boiling water. Cool. Mix together and add lemon juice and pineapple juice, freeze in 2 gallon milk cartons. Two hours before serving, cut top of carton, put in punch bowl and add 2 large bottles of ginger ale per gallon. Lemon and peach Jello are good, use any flavor of Jello for color.

Freeze pineapple pieces that you have cut into butterfly shapes (use a cookie cutter) and add to punch.

Butterfly Baby Shower Favors

Butterfly Garden Gift Baskets with Wildflower Seed Packets, Set of 12

From: Designed 2B Sweet

Buy pretty little pastel gift bags with no handles. Fill with butterfly favors and fold the top down twice. Secure with a Personalized Baby Shower Label, butterfly sticker, or a butterfly hot glued on it.

Some other pretty butterfly favors ideas...

Butterfly Garden party favors

Butterfly Personalized Mint Tins

Perfect Butterfly Baby Shower Gifts

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