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Unique Baby Showers Centerpieces

Deciding on great Baby Showers Centerpieces won't be hard when you know a few tricks.

The first thing you must do is get out of the box. Don't feel like you have to always use traditional party supplies.

I like to use real things that can be used after the party for my centerpieces. They can be given as prizes or gifts for the Mother.

For an example, I recently did a Vintage baby shower. In the middle of the tables were vintage baby items. One table had an old doll cradle, layered with vintage linens, toys, clothes, and pictures. It was adorable! The other table had a large antique rabbit with vintage books and toys.

I decorated the cake table as well with vintage baby pictures in antique frames. Of course that was just the tables. The other decorations were fabulous as well. The Mother flipped with glee. And used everything to decorate a fantastic vintage theme nursery.

You don't have to use just baby stuff either. Mix and match any of the ideas below to come up with your own fabulous centerpiece.

Adorable Baby Showers Centerpieces


Plants are a great choice. Add pretty ribbon and little toys to match your theme. Be sure and pick plants that match your theme. Tropical plants for Hawaiian luau baby showers and Jungle themes. Miniature roses for Vintage tea parties would be a great fit.


Flowers are the most popular choice for centerpieces. They're easy and if they're real, they smell so nice. Don't be afraid to use silk flowers though. Some of them look really real.

Sometimes your budget doesn't allow for fresh flowers and that's okay. Just make sure you buy good quality and you'll be alright.

Do you need some ideas for containers?

  • Vases
  • Baskets
  • Teapots
  • Teacups
  • Mason jars
  • Bottles
  • Watering can
  • Bowls

Secure your flowers with some florist foam or rocks in your container. Arrange the flowers in a pleasing manner for a stunning baby shower centerpiece.


Candles are a really easy choice for baby showers centerpieces. You can find them pretty cheap. You've got pillar candles, votive candles, and floating candles. Place them on a mirror, candle holder, trays, old picture frames, bowl of sand, ect. The floating candles can be placed in a bowl of colored water. You can doll them up with ribbon to match the shower theme. Or hot glue flowers on the bottom of the candle.


Balloons make such a statement for very little money. Group balloons together in bunches of 3 or 5. Stagger them for a pleasing effect. Tie onto a balloon weight. You can also tie them onto another centerpiece like stuffed animals, plants, flowers, baskets, ect. Start off with a mylar balloon that says "It's a Girl" or "It's a Boy". It can also match the theme of your shower. Like Winnie the Pooh or Jungle animals. Then you add colored latex balloons to that. This makes a very professional looking balloon bouquet for very little money.

Toys and Stuffed Animals

Use toys that match your shower theme. Set them on pretty cake plates of various heights for visual interest. Add ribbon, tulle, and confetti and you have a fantastic one of a kind centerpiece.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are so beautiful and so useful all at the same time. Fill with baby items that match your theme and tie a big bow on top. You've just killed two birds with one stone (that is a horrid saying). You've filled up the tables and the Mother gets to take home wonderful gifts. You can find simple instructions for making a gift basket at our sister site, Just click here and it will take you straight there.

Jars or Bowls of Candy

Fill large clear glass jars with pink or blue candy. Tie a ribbon to match around the top. You can also fill pretty bowls with candy for a simple centerpiece.

Diaper Cakes

Diaper cakes are very popular. They are not real cakes. They're "cakes" made out of diapers and baby items. Make one to WOW all your guests. Or purchase an elegant ready made diaper cake.

Traditional Baby Shower Centerpieces

There are some really cute traditional baby shower centerpieces that come with all the shower supplies. I like to start with the paper centerpiece and build off of that. Please don't just sit the centerpiece in the middle of the table. It will look so sad. Help it out by adding flowers, candles, stuffed toys, ect. Work in odd numbers for the most pleasing effect. You can elevate the shower centerpiece on a pedestal cake plate, or boxes that you have covered with material.

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Creative Baby Shower Centerpiece Photos

baby sock roses

Visit this most unusual site, for some absolutely adorable homemade baby gift ideas, baby shower gift basket ideas, and unique baby shower gifts. Step by step instructions on making this homemade Baby Sock Centerpiece! So cute.

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Tweety Bird Diaper Cake

Simply Sweet Soda Bouquet

This Would Be Perfect For a Pink Daisy Shower Theme

bunny baby shower centerpiece

Bunny Shower Centerpiece

Simple and Easy Centerpiece

Purchase Cute Little Gift Bags and Embellish With Pearls and Ribbon

Traditional Party Supplies and Flowers

Cowboy Shower Centerpiece

Stunning Baby Boy Gift Basket

Darling Fairy Tea Party

Precious Little Lamb Centerpiece

Castle Centerpiece For Prince or Princess Baby Shower

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